About Us

    About Us
    1   Wholesaler of home appliance for plastic, pottery, aluminium, steel wool.   2   High quality household and industrial brooms, mops, toilet brushes, hand brushes and custom made industrial brushes.   3   Other products include industrial basket, plastic container, pallet and chair.


    Founded by Mr Tan Peng Khoon, Chop Chuan Nam was incorporated in 1957. The company which started its operations in a small shop, was one of the pioneers in the broom , brush and mop industry.
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    In 1981 Chop Chuan Nam was renamed itself as Perusahaan Chuan Nam Sdn Bhd. With the company’s robust infrastructure and prudent management, it was able to overcome recessions and economic slow down.
    Under the leadership of the new management team in 1981, it moved from the manufacturing and distributing of household products to industrial plastics. Due to the rapid expansion and the increasing product lines, the company moved to its present premises at Mount Austin, Johor in year 1995.
    In 1999, a subsidiary Dragon Pathway Sdn. Bhd. was set up to manufacture brooms/mops and industrial brooms to cater for the increasing market demand under the brand name "PCN". This company also caters to custom made industrial brooms. Dragon Pathway has 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis machines which were imported from Italy and Germany. This company has also successfully provided satisfactory solutions and assistance to their many SME clients,enabling them to compete in international trade , advance into new markets and fulfil the needs of their clients.   About Us   About Us

    Vision and Mission

    • To be a one stop manufacturer center providing a variety of highest quality household and industrial products, ensuring total customer satisfaction locally and globally.
    • Upgrade and expand the business, increase the machine capacity and facilities, working towards ISO accreditation.
    • To facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and suppliers;
    • Provide accurate and dependable information on products to global buyers;

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